Metabolic Coking is a highly acclaimed cooking guide created by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier. Unlike other cooking guides, this cook book takes healthy cooking to another level by offering cooking techniques that will help you lose fat. If you’re trying to lose weight yet you’re stuck on a boring diet that doesn’t work, this cookbook was designed for you.

If you’ve ever tried a diet program, you probably know that sticking through with it is the hardest part because generic diet programs are typically unrealistic.

With this guide, you get accelerated fat loss by implementing a few tweaks in your kitchen. According to the authors, this coking guide was partly created to challenge the commonly used methods that are recommended in generic cookbooks.

The Premise

metabolic cookingThis guide is premised on a simple fact: it succeeds where many other cookbooks have failed. All the recipes in the guide have been crafted with ingredients that have a high Metabolic Thermal Charge.

The authors also claim that they make use of a powerful profiling tool for the recipes included. The guide comprises a Metabolic Nutri-Profile system that is used to measure the precise amount of nutrients in every meal. In short, it is a creative all-in-one meal management system that doesn’t require complicated scientific calculations.

Finally, the guide( also works by fighting the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon, which is basically the state where by the body has adapted to the precise dietary nutrients based on some diet plan and has slowed down the rate of metabolism so as to match the food intake. Every dieter that has experienced the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon knows how frustrating it can be.

One way to get around this phenomenon is to vary the food nutrients you intake on a regular basis and this guide shows you how to do that effortlessly.