There’s absolutely no doubt that being short has many disadvantages. For starters, scientists have predicted that human beings, as a species, are a lot taller now than their ancestors from several thousand years ago. Moreover, we are only getting taller, according to scientists. This can only mean that this is a bad time to be short.

Luckily, the same realm of scientific research has proven that hormones can make a medically healthy person taller. It seems like Darwin Smith – author of Grow Taller For Idiots – was a few years ahead of this research as he has already discovered that the human growth hormones (along with other suitable hormones) can make a healthy person add a few inches in height.

The Details

grow taller 4 idiotsAfter years of research, the author of this guide Darwin Smith discovered that increasing height is pretty similar to any other natural process in the human body: they are all driven by hormones.

On the other hand, hormones depend on your health status and what you eat. In other words, if you can find a way of tweaking your diet in order to influence the production of certain hormones, you might be able to influence certain processes in your body. This is the scientific premise of Darwin’s guide.

In fact, in scientific circles, people that are shorter in height were always associated with poor health and to some extent, this was true.

In this height enhancing guide, the author focuses on improving your overall health, first and foremost. Once your health is in solid shape, the focus shifts on specific exercise to trigger bone growth.

Thousands of people have used this guide( and the majority have reported high success rates. Undoubtedly, you will achieve success with your height if you apply all the techniques the way they’re supposed to be applied.

To be fair, it is hard for women these days if they want to find true love. That’s because so many men try to be playas and are apparently not willing to settle down with just one woman. In this climate, what are women supposed to do?

Well, faced with this unfavorable situation, women need all the help they can get, and a new e-book promises to provide its readers with a reliable strategy for getting – and, more importantly, KEEPING – the man they desire.

capture his heartCapture His Heart is the title of the e-book in question, and it is selling very nicely at the current time as word about it spreads virally on the internet. Perhaps the secret of the book’s success is the way its authors, Claire Casey and Mike Fiore, break it all down into a three-step process. The pair argue that women who follow these three steps are more or less guaranteed to succeed in the love game.

Step one in the Casey and Fiore program is to quit being clingy and needy around your chosen man. These attributes are a turn-off for men, say the book’s authors.

Step two is to tread carefully when it comes to the issue of long-term commitment. Rather than trying to force a man to commit too soon, it is far better to plant subtle ‘seeds’ in a fellow’s mind. This approach is much more likely to ‘bear fruit’ than to go at it like a bull in a china shop.

Step three in the Casey and Fiore e-book is to play a bit hard to get, so a man has to pursue you. If you make him think that you are less than keen, you actually make yourself much more desirable.

With such amazing insight into the dating game, the Casey and Fiore e-book( for women has to be a no brainer for ladies seeking love!

If you’re one of the millions of people around the world who would like to achieve a fairer complexion, then you might be interested in a new skin lightening product. Skin Whitening Forever is a natural skin lightener that provides a safe way to achieve a lighter and brighter complexion without any risks and without breaking the bank.

Of course, this product has received a great deal of media attention and, inevitably, a lot of hype too. For this reason, some people are skeptical about whether or not it lives up to all the claims.

What It Offers

skin whitening foreverThe skin whitening system was created by Jamaican dermatologist Eden Diaz using her expertise and years of experience as a practicing dermatologist. The system provides its users with some proven ways to achieve a lighter and healthier skin using purely natural ingredients.

The system shows you what to buy and how to make a purely natural remedy to correct any skin imperfections. If you’ve been hopping from one skin treatment to another, this is one was created specifically for people like you.

The author provides more than one authentic method for skin lightening and all of them use organic products. That means they are 100% safe.

Another thing is that you get to learn about the different types of skin complexion, causes of dark pigments and other skin imperfections, and a list of more than 20 skin lightening agents that are all natural.

One of the best things about this system is that you will learn how to make your own skin lightening concoctions using natural ingredients.

The system costs only $37 and comes with a full money back guarantee provided you purchased the system through the official website( Grab this system and test it out yourself. You will not regret it.

One of the biggest surprises in the current web publishing scene is the fact that a slim e-book consisting of only 46 pages of text is selling like hot cakes to eager buyers all over the world. Then again, if YOU suffered from the curse of herpes, wouldn’t you jump at the chance of a fast and simple cure for the malady?

get rid of herpesThe fact is that herpes is one hell of a nuisance for those who suffer from it. Whether it affects their lips or their nether parts, you can bet that herpes is both painful and unsightly. And the bad news is that mainstream medics don’t have a clue about how to clear the sores up, at least not overnight, so sufferers are forced to stew in their own juice until the sores fade.

Well, things are changing for the better at last with regard to the treatment of herpes. The PDF book mentioned above, called Get Rid of Herpes(, is the most remarkable development in years. Its author is a gal by the name of Sarah Wilcox, who was herself a victim of the herpes curse; that is, until she worked out her own unique cure.

Sarah Wilcox was frustrated with the inability of regular medicine to beat her herpes, so she set about looking into alternative methods of zapping the problem. The result is laid out in her slim e-book, which gives you all the information you need to hit herpes for six.

The Wilcox herpes cure is based upon rock-hard science but it also takes account of natural remedies that are as old as the hills. With this two-pronged approach, herpes sufferers get the best of the old and new, and a herpes cure that is absolutely second to none.

Furthermore, Sarah Wilcox is so confident about the ability of her cure to zap herpes that she is offering full refunds to any buyers who are dissatisfied with the book after sixty days!

Metabolic Coking is a highly acclaimed cooking guide created by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier. Unlike other cooking guides, this cook book takes healthy cooking to another level by offering cooking techniques that will help you lose fat. If you’re trying to lose weight yet you’re stuck on a boring diet that doesn’t work, this cookbook was designed for you.

If you’ve ever tried a diet program, you probably know that sticking through with it is the hardest part because generic diet programs are typically unrealistic.

With this guide, you get accelerated fat loss by implementing a few tweaks in your kitchen. According to the authors, this coking guide was partly created to challenge the commonly used methods that are recommended in generic cookbooks.

The Premise

metabolic cookingThis guide is premised on a simple fact: it succeeds where many other cookbooks have failed. All the recipes in the guide have been crafted with ingredients that have a high Metabolic Thermal Charge.

The authors also claim that they make use of a powerful profiling tool for the recipes included. The guide comprises a Metabolic Nutri-Profile system that is used to measure the precise amount of nutrients in every meal. In short, it is a creative all-in-one meal management system that doesn’t require complicated scientific calculations.

Finally, the guide( also works by fighting the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon, which is basically the state where by the body has adapted to the precise dietary nutrients based on some diet plan and has slowed down the rate of metabolism so as to match the food intake. Every dieter that has experienced the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon knows how frustrating it can be.

One way to get around this phenomenon is to vary the food nutrients you intake on a regular basis and this guide shows you how to do that effortlessly.